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Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

At Vivian's school the football team rules. There's no money for anything else, it all goes to football. The players get plenty of privileges and this reflects in their attitudes. They are sexist and rude, they think they can bully everyone else and are convinced their opinions are the law. Vivian no longer wants to accept this awful behavior and comes up with a plan. Her mother was a rebel, a feminist with quite a reputation, and Vivian still has her old material. She loves listening to the music and going through old zines. It's the zines that inspire her to develop her own project.

To protest Vivian makes her own zine, which she distributes anonymously at school. She encourages girls to stand up for themselves by small ways of joint protest. She's surprised when others start following her lead. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about Vivian's mission and this changes her life at school considerably. Old friendships are being revalued and new bonds inevitably come into existence. While the effect at first is small, a snowball starts to form that won't stop for anything and anyone. Has Vivian created a high school revolution with her zine?

Moxie is a fabulous story about feminism, which is a subject I applaud. I really loved how Vivian slowly starts to stand up for what she believes in. She comes across as a little bit shy and not very outspoken, but Vivian finds her voice and it's a strong one. I loved that the zines she’s spreading around her school are part of the book. They look fantastic and I admired how they make girls and boys unite. Moxie shows that sexist behavior shouldn’t be tolerated at all, in a fantastic impressive way. I love how Jennifer Mathieu gives girls a voice and makes her story accessible for a large group of readers. This is a book that can really make a difference and I think it’s a perfect example for teenage girls.

Jennifer Mathieu's writing has a nice flow. Her story is fast-paced and there's plenty of action. There's also some lovely sweet romance that made my heart melt. I love how she lets girls stand up for themselves and admire that she's chosen such an amazing topic to write about. Moxie is captivating and creative and the ending gave me goose bumps. I really liked the issue that's being brought to attention in this powerful story and think it's a must-read for young girls.


If you love stories about girls who learn to stand up for themselves and like reading YA about feminism Moxie would be an excellent choice.

About Jennifer Mathieu

I'm an English teacher, writer, wife, and mom who writes books for and about young adults. My novels include THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICE, DEVOTED, and AFTERWARD.

My fourth novel, MOXIE, will be out in September 2017. It was recently optioned by Amy Poehler's production company for film! It has a special Tumblr I adore that you can check out at!

All my novels are published by Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan.

My favorite things include chocolate, pepperoni pizza, and this super hilarious 1980s sitcom about four retired women called The Golden Girls. I can basically quote every episode.

I live in Texas with my husband, son, and dog!

When it comes to what I read, I love realistic young adult fiction (duh), creative nonfiction, super scandalous tell-all memoirs and unauthorized biographies, and basically anything that hooks me on the first page.



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