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Her Heart’s Love Story by Mr. Dwayne Aspaas - Book Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

'Mommy, what's love?' should be a question that's easy to answer when the mother looks inside her own heart. However, when the woman asked her mother this when she was a child, she received an answer that didn't match her own idea of love. While confused, she listened to it anyway. Now that she has a daughter herself and is being asked the question, she has to find the right answer. Memories come to the surface, feelings are there once more, maybe this is a new beginning. If she knows what love is she might be able to feel it again, to have a second chance.

Her Heart's Love Story is a beautifully written life lesson in verse. Sometimes it takes a while to discover what's important in life and what the true meaning of love and happiness is. Mr. Dwayne Aspaas translates this into gorgeous simple sentences that are each equally touching and compelling. The woman's story is poignant, as she's taken the wrong advice and lost something incredibly precious, but it's also hopeful as she's still alive and has time left to make things right.

Mr. Dwayne Aspaas's true and thought-provoking words captivated me from the start. Her Heart's Love Story is a book to read over and over again. It's short and uncomplicated, which makes it possible to completely focus on the writing itself and the stunning deep message, it has everything it needs to have. The emotions are perfectly phrased and spot on. I was immediately fascinated by the impressive writing. I also loved the stunning design of the book that wonderfully matches the words. It's a real gift.


If you love verse and like beautiful phrases combined with a gorgeous thought-provoking story Her Heart's Love Story will be an excellent choice.


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Her Honest Truth ...

Guest post by Mr. Dwayne Aspaas

Sometimes a woman’s journey to herself begins with honest, even raw self-reflection. It is here, in her darkest moments, where she can find strength.

Maybe she has to say out loud what she knows to be true.

She must tell her story, say what needs to be said.

It is completely not fine.

She Is …

A working middle/upper class, college educated, married or single mom experiencing emotionally impactful life changing events.

Coming to terms with divorce/separation/co-parenting, being terminally single, the loss of loved one, infertility, unplanned career change, an empty nest, parents aging, etc. The list just goes on and on …

About Her ...

She is more spiritual than religious. If she has children she wonders how that will impact them.

She worries about getting older (and retirement) but not until 4am when she can’t sleep. She’s too busy any other time. This is happening more and more.

She doesn’t prioritize herself, almost always putting the needs of others before hers. Sometimes this really pisses her off … and she usually takes it out on those closest to her.

As she is getting older (and not prioritizing herself more and more) it’s starting to jade her.

She’s starting to carry who “she’s become” as a badge of honor. She’s becoming more judgmental of other women ... even ruthless with her thoughts (and lately her words).

She finds herself looking for opportunities to compare her insides/outsides (how she feels about/sees herself) to other (mostly younger and beautiful) women’s outsides.

She’s watching herself become a disgruntled bitchy martyr. She hates this about herself. But sometimes it feels so good to blame others (instead of herself).

She desperately wants to take action on these thoughts (or at least feel better about herself) but can’t find the time. Or the energy.

It’s completely not fine …

She Wants …

Even the smallest relief from (and maybe some answers to) her ongoing emotional angst, constant feelings of overwhelmed-ness, and growing anger.

But ... it can’t take too long because she’s already late. This thought makes her laugh through the tears.

With each spoken word her redemption begins. Here she finds awareness, acceptance, even love.

In this space she finds the strength to take action. Strength she has always had.


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  1. Her Heart's Love Story sounds like an unique, touching and engaging story about the journey through the very different and beautiful stages of a woman's life.

  2. I loved the guest post. Thank you Mr. Dwayne Aspaas, it was awesome.

  3. A great story, and one I could easily relate to in a lot of ways! xx