Saturday, March 3, 2018

Book Review - A Country Escape by Katie Fforde

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Review by Suze

Fran is a great cook and dreams about having her own restaurant, but she's also always loved the countryside. When a relative offers her the farm that's been in her family for a long time Fran doesn't hesitate and packs her bags straight away. She doesn't know much about farming, but she can learn. If she manages to make a success of it she will inherit the farm. It isn't profitable any longer, so Fran has to work hard to turn things around. Fortunately she doesn't have to do it alone. Her best friend and gorgeous neighbor are willing to help. However, why would a stranger do so much for someone? Can Fran trust the man who lives next door? Is she the only relative who's interested in the farm and will she succeed or is her new project doomed to fail?

A Country Escape is a wonderful romantic story. Fran is a fabulous main character. She's strong, smart and resilient. She's fantastic with food and because of her generous nature most people immediately like her. By taking over the farm Fran has accepted quite a challenge. I was curious to find out if she'd make a success of it and couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to see what Fran would do with her newly found skills. I was intrigued by Fran's journey and loved it from beginning to end.

Katie Fforde has written a gorgeous heartwarming book. I immediately fell in love with her beautiful setting. Even though there's a lot of work to be done the farm has the exact right atmosphere. I loved finding out more about the buildings, the animals and the land and its history. Katie Fforde clearly knows what she's writing about and that made the story really interesting. A Country Escape is charming, entertaining and sweet, it's a perfect feelgood story with plenty of surprising twists and turns, delicious descriptions of food and amazing true love.


If you love romantic stories about the countryside you should definitely read A Country Escape.


  1. This sounds really good! Romance, countryside, and cooking? Wonderful combination! :D

  2. Sounds like Fran is living my dream. I'd love to read this!

  3. Sounds lovely. I love the review and will look into it asap.

  4. Sounds like a charming book about love and hard work. Lovely review!

  5. I liked the review, the book sounds great.

  6. I read one of Fforde's books and I didn't like it as much as I wanted, but after a loooong time I started to wonder if maybe just that one book wasn't for me and if maybe I should give this author another try before deciding not to read her books.
    A Country Escape is on my tbr for some time now. Everything about it appeals to me, the fact that it's set on a country side, the premise and the cover. I loved your review and I hope I will end up liking this one.

  7. It's hard work living one farm but I miss it.

  8. Looks like a fun premise!


  9. I enjoyed reading your interview, thank you!