Saturday, July 15, 2017

Book Review - The Ghost of You and Me by Kelly Oram

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Review by Suze

Bailey had two best friends, Spencer and Wes. When they were children they were inseparable. However, their relationship changed drastically when Bailey and Spencer became a couple. Spencer was always in the middle. Wes remained his best friend, but Bailey was the love of his life and it was difficult to keep them both happy. On a tragic night Spencer died and now Bailey and Wes are broken people. They blame themselves and think they're responsible for his death. After almost a year they still haven't been able to heal, not even a little, and Bailey and Wes don't even talk to each other anymore.

Spencer can't cross over to the other side before he helps his friends to start living their lives again. In order to do that he comes back as a ghost and starts working on a plan to restore Wes and Bailey's friendship. They need each other to survive, but the rift between them is so big that it won't be easy to mend. Will Spencer succeed or are Wes and Bailey too messed up to still care about each other enough to reconnect? Will they ever be able to overcome their guilt, so they can start living instead of existing?

The Ghost of You and Me is a beautiful heartbreaking story about tragic love. Bailey and Spencer were quite young when they became a couple, but Bailey instantly knew that what they were having was real. She's a sensitive girl and loves with all her heart. Spencer and Wes are different and they both have their own appealing qualities. Wes is good looking, popular, caring and moody and Spencer is a nerd with a cheerful and forgiving personality. They are equally important to Bailey and I often had tears in my eyes when I read about her grief and sorrows. Bailey needs a friend and she can use some guidance, which after a year of struggling is exactly what she gets. She's in a downward spiral at the beginning of the book, but with Spencer's help she has a chance to become herself again. That was amazing to read about and I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to see if his plan would work.

Kelly Oram has written a fantastic emotional book. I often had tears in my eyes while reading The Ghost of You and Me. The story impressed me in many different ways. Kelly Oram skillfully describes the complexity of the friendship between two boys and one girl and knows exactly how to bring her character's feelings to life. She carefully explores them and writes with plenty of empathy. Bailey has lost so much and the same goes for Wes. Kelly Oram masterfully writes about two teenagers who are alive, but have forgotten how to have fun and be happy and one dead one who can still joke and enjoy things. That contrast makes the story incredibly intriguing and I was gripped straight away. The Ghost of You and Me is sad, but also hopeful and it has a terrific bittersweet ending. I absolutely loved this brilliant poignant story and highly recommend it.


If you love moving stories about complex love and friendship you should definitely read The Ghost of You and Me. It's a great story for both young adults and adults.


  1. Sounds like a great read! Thanks for the great review. :)

  2. sound like a good reads but perhaps a bit too emotional for me at this time. thank you a lot for the review

  3. Sounds intense for me, but beautifully done!


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  5. I shared this book on my blog. I would really like to read it. I love a story where I connect strongly with the characters and the author can make me cry:)

  6. I was hoping you'll review this book. I love Kelly and I wanted to see what you think. Great post.

  7. It sounds beautiful! I can't wait to read it.

  8. It reminds me of Ghost movies and some similar series. This theme is always interesting because of curiousity to the life after death, and how i can relate especially as i have lost my dead, been trough difficult grief and wondered how he is or wether he can still see me.

  9. one of the story about friendship and love, it brings tears to my eyes and i love how the author tell the story

  10. What a beautiful story line. It sounds like an emotional roller coaster.