Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Sound of Us by Ashley Poston

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Review by Suze
Junie isn't a fan of the band Roman Holiday, but her best friend Maggie absolutely loves them. Because of the death of one of the members Roman Holiday won't be performing anymore. Maggie is devastated and she's keeping a close eye on all the developments. Roman and Holly used to be best friends and they were fantastic on stage, together with the third band member Boaz. Holly is the one who died and Roman doesn't want to let anyone know where he was on the night she passed away, which makes him a suspect in the eyes of many people. Junie doesn't like their music and she wouldn't mind for the hype to be over, but Maggie can't stop talking about what happened and is sure Roman didn't do anything wrong.
Junie's trying to keep her father's bar going. She's struggling with her grief about his death and wants to keep as many of the good memories alive as she can. The bar isn't doing well and Junie worries if it will still be there after her holiday with her mother and her stepfather. When she arrives at their destination she meets a guy who seems familiar. Junie doesn't notice straight away that it's Roman. She actually kind of likes him, also when she eventually does find out who he is. They're trying to stay under the radar to keep the press at a safe distance. Only when they find out about Junie they're offering her a lot of money to tell her story. Will she choose to protect the boy she's only just met but likes a lot or will she save her father's legacy?
The Sound of Us is a great story about music, being yourself, grief and living. I loved how Ashley Poston writes about a dark topic in a light and easy way. Both Junie and Roman have been through something difficult and that's maybe also why they have an instant connection, they understand one another. I loved how they connect through music. Hanging out with a celebrity, especially one who isn't on everyone's favorite list, is never boring. There are problems, but Roman also shows Junie what it is to be alive, to enjoy herself and have fun. I liked that very much. Through the sadness there's also happiness and hope.
The Sound of Us is a sweet romantic story with a lovely ending. Junie has to make some tough choices and that isn't easy for her. She's brave, she has fabulous pink hair and she's a good friend, it's time for people to start noticing her. What I liked most about this book is the individuality of the main characters. They have a particular taste in music, they have their own style and they aren't afraid to stand out. They're people who are a bit different and dare to be original, which is fabulous. I love creative stories about bands and music and really enjoyed reading The Sound of Us.


  1. It sounds like Junie is a real force to be reckoned with!

  2. The premise and characters appeal to me!


  3. I'd like to see how Junie's & Roman's relationship develops.